On the 3rd of October Big Data for Humans, along with our partners Forrester Research and Deloitte Digital, will host an exclusive event for Retail Leaders.

We will share with you examples of how leading global retailers are using customer data to create actionable insight that powers major increases in sales. There will also be a demonstration of how customer insights power performance in Deloitte Digital's Connected Store of the future.


Brandon Purcell

Brandon Purcell, Forrester's Senior Analyst serving Customer Insights Professionals. Brandon is based in San Francisco and will provide a global view of best practices.
Peter Ellen
Peter Ellen, Founder & CEO of Big Data for Humans. Peter will be your host and will share success stories from the leading global brands like 7-Eleven and AirAsia.
Deloitte Digital
Deloitte Digital will demonstrate how customer insights drive revenue increases in the Deloitte's Connected Store

Tickets are strictly limited - If you would like to attend please email: hazel@bigdataforhumans.com