London Retail Leaders Series - Customer Marketing Planning Workshop

At Big Data for Humans’ Breakfast Workshop, Supercharging Customer Marketing, an audience of Marketing and CRM professionals from 20 Retailers debated the relative importance of Acquisition, Upsell, Cross-Sell, Trading, Retention and Win-Back.

Retailers lose up to half of their active customers every year, to competitors, alternative products and inertia. It’s therefore not surprising that Retention came out as the number 1 priority for this audience. This event will cover in-depth three techniques used by Big Data for Humans’ Retail clients to reduce this terrifying churn rate: Triggered Retention campaigns; Welcome programmes; and Clienteling initiatives.

Key agenda points:

  • Three case studies walking through how Big Data for Humans’ clients executed these initiatives.

  • Demonstration of how segmentation and automation can be applied to increase the success of these programmes.

Who should attend?

Customer-focused marketers, CRM leaders and Strategic decision makers.